Adler Mod32S



Olivetti Lettera 22

The more i have them, the more i like them But this one is my coup de coeur! Since Olivetti made a very singular typewriter with the personal touch, the lettera 22 is one of the best for writing and this one is so far the one i use the most.


Having those buttery touch, it is for me the best one to suit with the flux of typing/thinking, the fluidity of the typing session is so good that i can type all days and all nights and it is very silent for a typewriter.


Those small keys are very minimalist but provide precision and speed, it takes some time to adapt the type but the Lettera can handle speed typing or slow typing which is uncommon.


Mercedes K45


This typewriter is very appealing, with this unique color combination and the boxy shape with some curvy parts make this machine sexy. Like the past meet the contemporary. It’s a good typewriter and eventually not the best. It have his own feeling that i recommend to test it.  It’s still a clunky machine, but i have so much pleasure using it. It’s not my daily typewriter but i’ll will use it in another times.


I’ll just clean the outside but it takes so much times to clean inside mecanism, to feel the full potential sensation.

Ulysses the fall

I’m not against new technology like computers, they are very useful. I want to make a good review about Ulysses by soulsmen (so they lost their soul). but as many know already this is a good working text processor (with free distraction design) and more.

But the big problem is now they change their fare and commercial politics which is very sneaky for consumers but especially for writer and artists. Before you buy the license and have the software for use. But now it’s an monthly or annual subscription  for a very expensive price. It’s outrageous! Sorry 30 euros for  just a light of word processor doesn’t worth the price.  They justify that they are making updates, but a word processor even with update doesn’t evolve radically. Even Microsoft Office have more function.

Writing is very hard, you give so much times and there’s no guarantee of success. You never know if you have enough money to pay your bill in the future. It’s a precarious situation, even if you are published or a professionnal.

It gives us a lesson about company in digital world, the tools we use for creation doesn’t belong to us anymore. But comfort myself that the best way to write and having the tools to do it, is typewriting.

In the state, i wouldn’t recommend Ulysses and their image is like many greedy companies who doesn’t know how to stop.

Testing Hermes 3000


Here’s another review of the Hermes 3000 which is the complete version of the Hermes Media. On the beginning i was not fond of this typewriter because of many things that i hate, the mint colour hurt my retina, the design like chewing gum from sixty’s and it didn’t inspire the « so good quality ».

But as always i was wrong. It’s not the idea of the typewriter that i have.

Which is point the importance of type-in, because you can test and not judge on the impression that machine gives you. After many experience the good machine can be sometimes not the beautiful one you imagine.

The only things interest me is that it was made in Switzerland like Victorinox, or other watches. You know something Craft with precision!

When you discover this machine in face to face, i was surprise that the curve and the unique design make a beautiful typewriter in every angle. The logo is carve in futuristic retro and the mint color add something to the room, like of that kind eccentricity. The tabulator keys are well place with this size to make something balanced with the keyboard. Of course i never use these keys for writing but it seems like a common thing you find on these Hermes 3000 and the media version seems more rare but not essential.

But the most amazing things on these typewriter is the feeling on snapping those key. The shape of those are perfect for my finger and fit for the stroking.And the feeling of typing is a combination of softness and reactivity, it’s very good for the long session of writing (i don’t feel at all tired). The option regulate the force of the touch is not a gadget but setting up the ergonomic way of the typing. I think Hermes is a very good typewriter and can be easily the number one for some writer.

Another very good thing, is the carriage which glide very well but the handle of the carriage made the process of changing line more transparent. It guaranty the focus not on the phrase but on the flux of thought and free the creativity. When you are concentrate and begin to be serious, you completely forgot the typewriter and begin the book that you ever dream of writing. Writing is just concentration.

The last detail is to choose wisely the font to be more readable. If you have a very small font, i used a trick to put more marging space and less text like a column so you can still focus and not overwhelming by the swarm of letters, and it’s have some charms.

The sound of the typing is not noisy and well isolated. Which is made a perfect machine for the night session. Of course it’s a stable machine but you always need some typewriter pad because
the wood desk make noise when you type. It’s still mechanic those typewriter. For me it’s not an option.

When you open the typewriter for cleaning, you discover that was a well craft machine, The tabulator is visible and every function key is dedicated for a purpose. Even the plastic seems soft and can be broken by accident. But beware the paint is fragile so don’t make a harsh cleaning on this machine, it can remove the color. To find this in a mint condition is almost impossible because the case in metal can damage the base of the typewriter.

Good things to know is the ribbon color selector have three position so it make the life 3 times long with a only black ribbon (there’s no need of red black ribbon). And you need the eyelet ribbon or just buy eyelet tool for reverse the ribbon at the end. The spool of Hermes can be find in many ribbon sellers.

You can find the machine with high price which is not a problem if only the one who sold the Hermes knowing typewriter. The price is not a problem as long you have the right typewriter clean and perfectly working. Unfortunately many sellers sold these typewriter for decoration and some don’t even hide to tell that they are not working. And it could be the only one machine to have easily. This typewriter is not a cheap machine and it is very reliable. Otherwise it’s not a rare machine if you wait the good opportunity you can find at very small price. Remember that the price of a typewriter doesn’t guaranty if the machine work well. You can find a small price and a very good machine. If it’s high price like more than 50 euros, the sellers should guaranty the working and the safe packaging. Except if you can test.

And even unused sometimes you will be recall by this beauty, for returning session of a long writing.